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The Mary Model – How, Part 3


When it comes to your life, how quick are YOU to react like Mary?  How easy is it for you to accept God’s plan?

The Word is our guide for living an abundant life.  God has given us a plan laid out in His Word.  It is not uncommon for us to read the Word and stumble across something we don’t like.  But how do you react when you read it?  Do you accept it?  Do you rebel?  Do you ignore it?

One of the reason it is so important to know who God and understand His character is because it helps us to accept His plan for us.  By trusting that God’s love for us causes Him to work ALL things together for our good and by knowing that He wants the best for us, we are able to receive the Word in our hearts.

Mary accepted God’s plan with no excuses, no complaining, and no hesitation.

If you have a hard time trusting God, I encourage you to do a study of His names.  In the Bible, names reveal character.  Learn God’s names and you will be able to say with Mary, “Let it be to me according to Your Word.”


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