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The Mary Model – How, Part 1


Mary was just a young girl, joyfully looking forward to her future with Joseph, her betrothed.  Can you imagine her shock when an angel appeared in front of her?  An angel who greeted her personally?

Immediately Mary tried to process this in her mind.  She called on the discernment that God has given each one of His children.  Discernment is the ability to see the TRUTH.  In this case, Mary’s discernment probably kept her from having a complete freak out!

Discernment is present in us but we need to develop it through our relationship with God.  As we saturate ourselves in the Word and in our relationship with Him, this discernment is sharpened.  We can face the unexpected and the challenging things in our lives with confidence knowing that we have a grasp of the TRUTH.

How will you pursue discernment this week?

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