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Monday Moment: What happens if you seek the Lord?


When we moved to Tennessee (almost 2 years ago!), we set up our furniture in the family room and it was clear that something more was needed in that room.  We had a cute sofa and two of the ugliest (but comfortable) chairs you’ve ever seen.  I didn’t trust myself to re-upholster them and they weren’t in the style I wanted, so Madison and I went shopping for chairs.

We had an idea of what we wanted for the room, we just had to find it.  Living in Westmoreland makes shopping a bit more . . . interesting . . . than Orlando.  In Orlando, I could be at 6 Home Good’s in a short amount of time.  Plus, there were dozens and dozens of other stores to check out all within a few miles radius.

We were determined to come home with chairs.  We drove to Hendersonville, to Rivergate, to Nashville, and finally to Brentwood before we found what we were looking for.  A few times I told Madison, “Let’s just go home.  We’ll try another day.”  She made me keep going because she knew it was worth the search.

I believe that’s how God wants us to seek Him.  Determined.  Intentional.  Desperate.

Sometimes He seems hard to find.  Not because He moves, but because something in our lives is blocking the view.  Maybe it is the lie of the enemy.  Maybe it is the sin we have been harboring.  Maybe it an attitude of apathy.

SEEK = To inquire for; to ask for; to solicit; to endeavor to find or gain by any means

But oh when we find Him!  The Word promises that we will lack no good thing.  Does that mean we get a new car, a bigger house, and a vacation to Fiji?  Not exactly.  When we truly seek the Lord, placing ourselves at His feet, He graciously gives us much more than material things.  When we seek Him, we find peace, joy, and mercy.  And more.  Everything we ever need to live a life that is satisfying.

Take some time this week to seek the Lord.  Don’t let fear, doubt, busyness, or other things distract you from finding Him.  Set aside the things that are blocking your view and let Him lavish you with good things!


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