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Monday Moment: Got Courage?


As a pastor’s wife, I get to hear stories.  Stories of joy.  Stories of pain.  Stories of happy endings.  Stories of devastation.  It seems like there have been a LOT of sad stories lately.  This is not really a surprise to me because I believe that New Vision is on the edge of a tremendous move of God and the enemy doesn’t like it!  He’s going to take all the pot shots he can to bring distraction and discouragement.

The plan of the enemy is for us to be so focused on our circumstances and chaos around us, that we fail to see what God is doing.

Today’s Moment in Scripture gives hope to the hurting and courage to those who are afraid.  God has given us a solution to the anxiety that so easily overwhelms us.  He has given us a top priority for our to-do list.

WAIT for the Lord!

He says it so simply.  And He says it TWICE.  I think He means it!  This word “wait” means to expect.  When a mom is expecting a baby, she is excited.  She is hopeful.  She knows there is about to be a bundle of joy in her arms.  When we wait for the Lord, we can be excited and hopeful that He has a plan and is going to come through for us!  The enemy CANNOT conquer us; we are victorious through the cross.  We can be strong and courageous in our hearts because God’s got this!

Stop for a moment.  Stop the worrying.  Stop trying to do it on your own.  Stop manipulating the situation.  Stop speaking negatively.  And just wait.  Allow God’s strength and peace to overwhelm you.  Wait for the Lord!


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